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Hotstar Premium – [Movies/TV Episodes] – Ad-Free MOD [v1.0.1] – Apk - 25MB

Watch Hotstar Premium Movies/TV Episodes for free.


Supported Premium Content

Hotstar Premium (ANGEL) v1.0.1
- Hotstar VIP
- Hotstar Premium Movies
- Hotstar Premium TV Shows

(Some episodes might say Playback Stream not available[EP] . Signing into hotstar app may fix the error. But most of the shows work fine)

Unsupported For Premium
-Hotstar Sports Live Streams
(Any unsupported or non-premium links can also be launched by pressing play button)

📖 Usage Instructions

-Uninstall any existing Hotstar app
-Install Hotstar Ad-Free Mod v8.0.8 and login to your account (Note: It won't show as logged in)
-Install Hotstar Premium (ANGEL) v1.0.1 (Login only if you want to get your favourites and stuff)
-Browse to the premium Movie/TV episode page on Hotstar Premium (ANGEL) and click the RED PLAY BUTTON (i.e. the Floating Action Button on the bottom right)
-Open the link in Hotstar Ad-Free Mod v8.0.8 app.

📖 Mod Info New

Initial Release
-Made a new app from scratch with zero crap included (ANGELs vs DEMONs)
-Replaces old HotstarPremium(Demon) or HotFlix apps, since the developer (credits where due) became greedy and included all sorts of ads, tracking, spyware.
-Changed background color of navbar, menu, and header to black (to distinguish premium app from normal hotstar)
This app has no advertisements


( - Hotstar (Ad-Free) Mod V8.0.8.apk - 25 MB
( - HotstarPremium ANGEL V1.0.1.apk - 1MB



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